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One cushion “7thpocket” kicksystem. The systemworks when the CBand the OB are NOTon the same line. Soif the OB is somehowblocked and you haveto apply the kick shot,the followingcalculations are required: midpoint "7th pocket" GB parallel shift 1st you have to put aghost-ball next to theOB in the place whereyou want to hit it; 2ndyou take the GB, gostraight across thetable parallel to arail(the point you findis called the “7thpocket”); 3rd you takethe distance betweenthe CB and the GBand find the midpointon that line; 4th youconnect that midpointwith the “7th pocket”and finally you makea parallel shift to theCB with your cue andshot the CB right


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