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1. Walk over to the rail, and stand on the imaginary line going from the ballyou're trying to make, to the pocket. That's the dotted line shown here. Soyou're facing the 2 ball, on its path to the pocket. Imagine a ghost balltouching the 2, and exactly on this line. 2. Try to visualize where this imaginary ball would be resting on the table, shown here as afaint red dot in the middle of the ghost ball. You want to aim the cue ball, at this imaginary spot. 3. To help see that spot, you can rest the tip of your stick on the table, and let it stay there for a secondwhile you walk back towards your shooting position (behind the cue ball). Use any little marks you seeon the table, to help keep the spot locked in your mind. There might be a little scuff mark, a stain, a bitof chalk, whatever. Anything to help fix that spot in your vision, so that when you walk back over to thecue ball, you don't lose track of it. Then aim as carefully as you can at this spot, and shoot without anyspin on the cue ball.


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Tips for Balls

Removing: Drag to any pocket and release.

Use the keyboard arrows to fine-tune the placement of balls.

When drawing lines, you can click a ball to attach the line to that ball.

Tips for Lines

Removing: Hover over lines and press backspace OR click and hold for 3 seconds.

Press "A" on the keyboard to toggle arrows.
Press "L" on the keyboard to toggle line styles.

Click the Lines menu on the left to see options for colors, massé, and more.

Starting lines near the end of another will connect them. It creates a joint between the two that you can drag around.

Clicking a ball will connect a line to that ball.

Tips for Texts

Removing: Click text and follow dialog instructions.

You can resize text field by dragging textbox lower right corner.

Tips for Shapes

Removing: Drag shape to overlap any rail.

Resizing: Open Shapes menu on left to show resizing tool.

Tips for Cues

Removing: You can't remove one yet.

Click the Cues menu on the left to see options for rotation, style, and more.