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0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 1 3 5 7 2 4 6 Basic two-rail kicksystem(Plus 2system). So if the OBis somehow blockedand you have to applythe 2-rail kick shot,the following systemis applied. The OBalways has the valueof 0. You startcounting from thispoint along the longrail using diamonds.You also count thediamonds along theshort rail starting fromthe opposite corner ofwhere the OB is andstarting from 1 whichis the value of cornerdiamond, but becausethe table is twice aslong as it is wide youdouble that up. Then you connect 2points of the samevalue, move your cuestick with a parallelshift over to the CBand shot the CB rightdown that line with ahigh right spin(highleft depending on theside of the table). Ifthe CB is somewhereon the line you don’teven have to do this Drawing


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Tips for Balls

Removing: Drag to any pocket and release.

Use the keyboard arrows to fine-tune the placement of balls.

When drawing lines, you can click a ball to attach the line to that ball.

Tips for Lines

Removing: Hover over lines and press backspace OR click and hold for 3 seconds.

Press "A" on the keyboard to toggle arrows.
Press "L" on the keyboard to toggle line styles.

Click the Lines menu on the left to see options for colors, massé, and more.

Starting lines near the end of another will connect them. It creates a joint between the two that you can drag around.

Clicking a ball will connect a line to that ball.

Tips for Texts

Removing: Click text and follow dialog instructions.

You can resize text field by dragging textbox lower right corner.

Tips for Shapes

Removing: Drag shape to overlap any rail.

Resizing: Open Shapes menu on left to show resizing tool.

Tips for Cues

Removing: You can't remove one yet.

Click the Cues menu on the left to see options for rotation, style, and more.